Pure Desire

If you or someone you know is struggling with a sexual behavior issue, there is a way out! Pure Desire Ministries International, led by Dr. Ted Roberts has very practical answers that deal not only with the personal shame of the struggle, but the family systems that fuel the issues. Pure Desire is setting women free, so they can walk in the saving Grace of the Lord. Meetings are throughout the week and the first step is to find out about group availability.

Betrayal & Beyond

Has your life been shattered by the impact of betrayal and broken trust in your marriage or romantic relationship? Has the foundation of what you thought was real been shaken to the core?

God desires to rebuild a foundation with truth and grace around your heart that will provide a covering of safety and protection. For this purpose, Pure Desire Ministries has designed a specific small group curriculum for women who want to discover a new sense of hope, healing, restoration and healthy relationships.

We encourage you to join a Betrayal & Beyond group if your husband is struggling with problematic sexual behaviors, such as affairs, pornography, and the like. These groups will help you to process your pain, find healing, and set healthy boundaries in the future.

Brave Enough

Brave Enough Groups search for answers to questions such as, “Why do I keep doing the things I don’t want to do?” These groups provide a safe place to find community and answers to life’s challenging questions.