Update from Pastor Ray 5.22.2020


As I shared last week the staff and I are excited at the potential to reopen our doors for worship on the weekends. Our staff will be meeting this week to talk over plans, schedule, ways to stay healthy and provide an enjoyable worship experience for all. We will be looking to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for guidelines regarding safety procedures and ways to keep everyone safe. I am asking for your patience as we seek the Lord’s Will that brings glory to His name and strengthens our witness in the community. Remember, there may be differing opinions regarding the Church and its Coronavirus/Covid19 strategy to reopen, so please be respectful and loving in our responses to those around us. We will have more to say in our Midweek Update on Wednesday evening. We love you all!

Pastor Ray

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We are so excited for you to rally your family around weekly prayer. We truly believe prayer changes things and, when practiced, prayer will unite your family together in ways that will forever stand the trials and struggles that come against you.


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May 20th, 2020

We're praying around the clock during this COVID-19 crisis!

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Please read Calvary's Comprehensive Plan during COVID-19.

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Pastor Ray