Memorial Resources


This form is meant for you to use as a worksheet to think through the elements that will be part of the service for the Memorial and assign different roles/tasks to friends and loved ones.

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Order of Service

This is a place for you to see general time allotments for different parts of the service.

It is also a good tool to help assign family and friends different roles in which they will be participating.

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Planning/Recommendation For Food

This is a form to help determine how much food is recommended per group size.

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Media Requirements

Please use this sheet as a guide to ensure all media that you hope to include is in the correct format.

**Slideshows MUST be in movie format and not just pictures.**

**Completed slideshows should be mailed to [email protected] no less than 72 hrs prior to service.**


Memorials and Funerals

It is hard to make decisions regarding a loved one who has passed away. Our hope and prayer is that we can help you with this process and make your time of grieving a little more peaceful. Here at Calvary, funerals and memorials are a ministry, which means we don’t charge for these services. Families sometimes ask if they can make a donation for the Pastor or for the services, which are acceptable, but not required.

Volunteer Funeral Coordinators will meet with you and help plan and coordinate the activities that need to take place in our facility. Your service coordinator will also be on site during the entire event in order to be sure everything goes as planned and to be your liaison between the facilities, pastor, and technicians.

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