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To allow the Holy Spirit to work IN and THROUGH us, to see people connected with in an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Going (Evangelism) — Go to people with the good news.

Formation Coaches have a strong commitment to reach out to the hurting and incorporate the gospel message of redemption and transformation.

Gathering (Fellowship) — Gather them into community.

Formation Coaches emphasize the critical importance of meaningful relationships for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth, accountability and connectedness.

Growing (Teaching) — Grow them into fully devoted followers of Christ.

Formation Coaches guard the sacred trust that has been given by God in the process of restoration and discipleship, endeavoring to journey alongside those who need care.

Giving (Stewardship) — Give opportunities for serving.

Formation Coaches provide opportunities for lay caregivers to use their God-given gifts to make a difference in the lives of the hurting and broken.

Glorifying (Worship) — Glorify God in all of it.

Formation Coaches acknowledge that it is God, through the agency of the Holy Spirit, who sets people free, changes broken lives and is worthy of all honor and praise.

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