The mission of our Guest Experience and Communication Team is to create a welcoming, relevant environment where people are comfortable to engage.

Calvary Cafe

Welcome to Calvary Cafe! We encourage you to come a little early or stay late and enjoy a specialty drink with us! Thank you for including us in your weekend and to spend your weekend wit If you are new to Calvary, we would love to meet you, stop by the HUB and introduce yourself and we would be happy to give you a gift and buy you a drink from the café!

Calling all people with the Gift of Hospitality, Faith, Wisdom, Knowledge, Discernment, Leadership and Helps!


Is everyone your friend and you’ve never met a stranger? Do people tell you that you just a have a joy about you?


Are you passionate providing the utmost best experience for people to worship, listen to the message and be in tune to God, free from distractions?


Do you like to drive, share stories and play trivia or other road games?


Are you a friendly face, that likes to wave and smile and loves the outdoors?


Do you love the art of coffee and all the experience brings? Do you want people to have the best coffee experience right here at Calvary?


Nothing intimidates you . . . Are you ready to jump in and assist, pray or answer questions about everything Calvary?

Special Projects

Are you a handy man, skilled laborer, love to research on the internet or are your frugal at finding a great deal?


Do you have restaurant experience and enjoy cooking or baking or have a Pinterest page of new healthy recipes!


Do you have a gift of story writing or blogging, a keen eye for proofing or do you spend your spare time taking photos or videos?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please reach out to us. We would love to have you part of Guest Experience Team!

I will embrace a Guest First Mentality and always...

bring my best,
speak with integrity,
respect everyone,
start well and finish even better,
diligently follow up with people,
value people over tasks,
lead the way with crazy generosity,
be on time and plan ahead,
communicate, communicate, communicate,
and be vulnerable enough to seek feedback!

Meet Our Team


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