Practicing the Way

May 22 7:00 - 8:30 pm  |  Calvary Community Church

We believe that Calvary has something for everyone.

Each Practice comes with four session videos, which include short teachings and breaks for discussion, as well as a companion guide with weekly spiritual exercises, recommended reading, and additional resources to help your group create life-changing daily rhythms as you apprentice under Jesus together.

This season we will be offering the 4- week practice of SOLITUDE.

Taking place on Wednesday nights at 7pm:
– Week 1 – May 22nd
– Week 2 – May 29th
– Week 3 – June 5th
– Week 4 – June 12th

Ending with a celebration on Friday, June 14th at 6:30pm.

Cost: $20 per person to cover the printed material and dinner at our Celebration.

In an increasingly distracted and noisy world, we need solitude more than ever. The practice of solitude mimics Jesus’ rhythm of retreat and return: retreat from people and distractions to be with God, in order to return to community in love and service.

Week 01: The Quiet Place
Solitude helps us break free from noise and distractions to be in the presence of God..

Week 02: Encounter With Ourself
Through solitude, we face emotions that live below the surface of our lives and bring them to God.

Week 03: Encounter With Our Enemy
Solitude helps quiet us so we can hear scriptural truth and fight against the enemies of our soul.

Week 04: Encounter With Our God
Solitude’s highest purpose is found by opening ourselves to God’s personal voice and enjoying his love.