Women’s Conference 2022 – Our Story

May 12 - 14 2022  |  Calvary Community Church

15116 Gary St E, Sumner, WA, USA

Our 2022 Women’s Conference is May 12th, 13th and 14th!

Our story (my story + your story) is written as we, empowered by the love of God, safely engage with one another for the purpose of building relationships that allow for abundant and free living.

Stories can empower and/or fragment culture and community. Throughout these events, participants will receive practical tools and resources that assist in guiding how to safely engage with others in a manner that allows for abundant, respectful and free living. What is exactly my story and why does it matter? Am I able to actively listen to others? What do we do when we disagree? What is Our Story and do I want to be a part of it? These are just a few questions The Gathering will explore. Invite your friends to what will be an incredible 3-day gathering complete with an opportunity to shop local vendors, dynamite guest speakers, workshops, and more!

*Attendees will be required to commit to a Covenant of Conduct prior to participating.