September 12 - October 5  |  Calvary Community Church

15116 Gary St E, Sumner, WA, USA

The year was 1968 and it inspired a British band to pen the song “Revolution” in response to widespread social upheaval. It was an election year, the Vietnam war was in full swing, and Dr. King was assassinated.  People then as now were fearful, angry and weary of one crisis after another. In many ways 2020 is a mirror image of 1968 and we find ourselves in need of much more than a song, we need a Revolution. 

Starting September 12th and 13th you can watch online as we ask ourselves what it will take to bring lasting social change. Join us online on YouTube or Facebook Live

Saturday at 6pm | Sunday at 9am & 11am 

[We will meet online until the smoke clears and then we hope to regather for Outdoor Service.]