Building Stronger Families

April 24 7:00 pm

The Building Stronger Families workshop will focus on four building blocks that when practiced strengthens the home; the place where family members can grow and thrive in relationships, with others and with God. This is for everyone! Single people, families with no children, grandparents…anyone and everyone is welcome.

These building blocks are rooted in God’s Word and lived out in practical ways. They include:

·      Block #1: Unconditional Love Lays a Firm Foundation,
·      Block #2: Four Walls of Good Communication: Everyone is Safe and Secure,
·      Block #3: The Family Covering: Everyone is Seen,
·      Block #4: Families that Play Together Stay Together! Everyone is Celebrated.

This hour and a half weekly workshop will be comprised of teaching (including two panels), small group discussions, personal application activities, and suggested family activities to implement each week. During the workshop you will create a snapshot of the family in which you were birthed and overlay it on top of the family in which you currently live, comparing healthy and unhealthy behaviors. Lastly, you will discover, and we will discuss attachment styles including how the four building blocks set the stage for secure attachments.


Calvary Kids is available during these sessions, please register your children below if you are wanting to utilize them!