C7 Student Ministries

Middle School 6th-8th Grade
High School 9th-12th Grade

1 Timothy 4:12

Our Mission

To share Jesus and help students experience life-change.

What to Expect

When you walk into C7, whether it's your first or 100th time, you will be greeted by loving, caring adults who want to point you to Jesus. Get checked in when you walk in and engage in a time of community playing fun games and chatting with fellow students and leaders! At 7pm, our C7 student ministry as a whole will engage in a time of worship.

The rest of the night will be spent intentionally between our middle and high school rooms. Both age groups will have a community building activity followed by a message. Small group time closes out the night with a space to ask questions, foster Christ-centered relationships, and have faith-building conversations to become more like Jesus! We can't wait for you to join us on a Sunday night!

June 4th - July 2nd

It's not easy to stay focused. Especially these days,
when we're connected to a never-ending stream of new
notifications, ads, messages, videos, posts,
and entertainment, it makes sense if we feel a little
distracted sometimes. Maybe you've struggled recently
to stay focused on your homework, or on the story your
friend was telling you, or on the movie you were
watching - but have you ever struggled to stay
focused when you were spending time with God? In this
four-week series, we're going to get honest about how
difficult it can be to stay focused when we're trying to
pray, read the Bible, or grow in our faith. Each week,
we'll explore passages from Psalms and the Gospels
as we challenge ourselves to focus on practicing four
spiritual disciplines that can help us grow. Together,
we'll try focusing on what God has said, on giving
something up, on talking to God, and on rest.

July9th - July 30th

Some things are hard to understand - like chemistry,
verb conjugations, the blockchain, or why your friend
is mad at you. When we face a problem, situation, or
idea we're struggling to understand, it always helps to
know someone we trust can explain it to us. When
Jesus was here on earth, he spent a lot of time helping his
followers understand some pretty hard-to-understand ideas about God.
One of the ways Jesus often made complicated ideas simpler was by
explaining them through stories and metaphors, which
we call parables. In this four-week series from the
Gospels, we'll explore four of the parables Jesus told
his followers to explain four important truths about
God. These parables help us see that God's words
are a firm foundation, in God's kingdom, everyone
belongs, God's words invite a response, and that
God's kingdom is always growing.

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