Deaf School ADVANCE WORK CREW |Amealco, Mexico

November 1 - 10

Nov 1-10: Amealco, Mexico Deaf School (near Mexico City) ADVANCE WORK CREW

Cost: $975

Scope:  Labor to complete security fencing/classrooms/food service areas

Join us for a trip down to Amealco, Mexico to spend time at a deaf school! You will have the opportunity to play with the school children and participate in several small construction/maintenance projects around the school property. You do not need to be skilled in construction to join this trip, as there will be a variety of additional opportunities to provide support to the school and love on the kids!

If you don’t know sign language, that’s okay! Interpreters will be present to translate at the school.

Please see the FAQ page for additional information, and fill out a missions application form if you would like to join the trip!

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