Seeking Joy In Self-Reflection- 4/27

Olivia   -  

Good morning, and happy Monday, friends! Yesterday I was sitting out in my yard with our puppy, scrolling the notifications from my child’s teacher when I realized that two of my three kids missed Zoom calls with their class last Friday. Friend, I haven’t opened the notifications all week, not because I don’t care, but because I’ve been overwhelmed by an information overload (raise your hand if you can relate). I cried when I saw they missed those calls because of me. My husband gently reminded me that our kids are not going to suffer from missing a Zoom call, and he’s right, they won’t. Jesus gave me these children, He crafted them, just as He crafted me and together, we are perfectly imperfect. You can say the same for your family. I had to remind myself of that truth, and made a mental note of the attributes I was given that make me the perfectly imperfect mom I am to my kids. So today, take some time and list the attributes that make you the perfectly imperfect mom for your kids. When you’re struggling, remind yourself that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, crafted with love, to love your children, exactly how you are.

Come back tomorrow to see a message from…me! I’ll be chatting about what’s coming up in JAM! See you then!